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And my cat ...

I have always had an interest in art. My mother is an accomplished painter and I have a special room of my own that has her paintings all around the walls! 

I have no formal education or training in art, but somehow have always tended towards creativity.In my mid to late twenties I did a short course on paint techniques and effects, i.e. ragging rolling speckling marbling. 

I then ended up painting murals in restaurants and night clubs. 

I also did private homes, ragging walls and turning a wooden fireplace surround into what looked like marble.

When I was living in Israel I discovered air drying clay and started making wizards and dragons, I have read every book Terry Pratchett has written and also of course Lord of the Rings.

I still do wizards and dragons as I love forming shapes with my hands and fingers, it's very therapeutic!

During the pandemic I started doodling a lot and next thing I was using yoga poses to form words, I did each of my students's names and gave them to them as a gift, then I started with the words 'yoga' and 'namaste' and added in flowers. These were well loved and I put them on T -shirts. Next thing I was getting requests for cards, and poses etc. 

A lot of what the cats do in the pics, my cat QT has done to me in the various poses :) She is a great inspiration!

The most important message I received, was the one about not having to be perfect! I think this is such a valuable lesson. I recently listened to a podcast with Julia Cameron and this message has been reinforced.

I am not creating perfect images, in fact that is not what I aim for. My intention is to have fun whilst I do it and hopefully you can enjoy the creativity as well.

Live love laugh and be happy!


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